Resources for Membership Chairs

Hopefully Membership Chairs will find here suggestions, ideas, forms and various documents that will be of assistance to them in recruiting and retaining NARFE Chapter members.  This area will be updated from time to time to reflect changes and ideas generated by you, the Membership Chairs.

Contacting Transferred Out Chapter Members

This is a temporary section aimed at addressing the issue of Chapter members who transferred to the new National Division without realizing that they were doing so.  The documents listed below are to be used ONLY with regard to contacting Chapter members who transferred to the new National Division between October 1, 2016 and January 1, 2018. During that period, some people transferred who did not intend to, due to confusion in the NARFE membership renewal process. This confusion has now been resolved – so Chapter members who transfer now and in the future presumably DID intend to do so and should NOT be contacted by Chapter officers or members.

Steps-Contacting Transferred Members
Guide-Ltr-Transferred Out
Guide-Phone-Transferred Out
Guide-Email-Transferred Out


Recruitment Ideas-2
Guide-Calling Prospects
Guide-Emailing Prospects
Guide-Letter to Prospects
Guide to Second (or Third) Contacts
HQ: Elevator Speech
NARFE Is an Investment Bargain
Tips on Using Recruitment-Retention Materials
Federal Buildings Intro Letter 2014
Brochure: NARFE’s Support of Alzheimer Research
HQ Press Release: NARFE Members’ $11 Million in Alzheimer’s Donations


Tips on Using Recruitment-Retention Materials
Letter 1 – to a Lapsed Member
Letter 2 – to a Lapsed Member
Lapsed Member Letter 1- with Dues Withholding
Lapsed Member Letter 2 – with Dues Withholding
M-1-Reinstatement Form-pg 1
M-1-Reinstatement Form-pg 2
Materials to Use in Recruitment-Retention
Dues Withholding Brochure
Dues Withholding Application for Current Retired NARFE Members
Dues Withholding Application for Retirees Who Are New NARFE Members


Quid Pro Quo – What You Can Expect from VFC Membership Chair
Using Social Media to GAIN and RETAIN
FACEBOOK NonProfit Page Handout
Membership Chair Strategic Plan