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Membership Stats for June and July 2017


Membership Totals
For June, Areas III and VI had the least decline in total membership – at -8.8%.  The Virginia Federation (VFC) overall was down almost -13% in Chapter membership, and down only -3.6% when the National Division members living in Virginia are counted.

On a year-t0-date basis, 9 Chapters either had a net increase in membership or showed a net decline of -5% or less:  2265 Midlothian (-4.7%), 1293 Churchland (-2.6%), 1697 Brentwood (+13.4%), 1837 Wilderness Trail (-4.2%), 1793 Page Valley (-1.9%), 2358 Shenandoah County (+1.8%), 2112 Caroline (no decrease), 1159 Annandale (+19.2%) and 489 McLean (+13.6%).

For July, Area VI again had the least decline in membership — -9.7%, and Area III was second, at -10%.  The VFC overall was down -15%, but down only -5% when the National Division members are added in.

With the exception of Chapter 1837 Wilderness Trail, the same eight Chapters had a net increase in membership or showed a net decline of -5% or less in July.  Chapter 2065 Louisa came close with a net -5.5% decline.

Prospect Conversion Ratios (# of New Members/# of Prospects Referred by HQ)
For both June and July, Area VI had the highest Prospect Conversion Ratio — 39% and 40%; Area VII was second with 33%.  The Ratio for the VFC overall was only 10% to 10.5%.

In June, seven Chapters had Prospect Conversion Ratios of 40% or higher:  685 Colonial Williamsburg, 1823 Northern Neck, 1510 Imperial Plaza, 1293 Churchland, 1793 Page Valley, 2358 Shenandoah County, and 2112 Caroline.  These same Chapters – plus 2265 Midlothian and 1885 Lake of the Woods – had Ratios above 40% for July.

On the down side, for both June and July, 16 Chapters had Prospect Conversion Rations of 5% or less.  In fact, 15 of these Chapters had zero or one new members YTD, despite HQ having referred as many as 60-80 Prospects to some of these Chapters.

CONCLUSION:  For many Chapters, contacting and converting Prospects to members is a major issue.

Retention Ratios (# of Reinstatements/# of Non-Renews)
For June, Area VII had the highest Reinstatement Ratio (52%); Area X was second (36%).  Area VII also had the highest ratio for July (49%); Area VI was second (39%).  The ratio for the VFC overall for both months was 32% to 33%.

15 Chapters had Retention Ratios of 40% or higher in June, and 13 Chapters met this mark in July.   2079 Southside had the highest Retention Ratio (75%) for both months.  The other Chapters are:  682 Peninsula, 2265 Midlothian, 1293 Churchland,  1743 Suffolk, 110 Lynchburg, 111 Roanoke Valley, 135 Charlottesville, 164 Harrisonburg, 180 Winchester, 1549 Fauquier, 2065 Louisa, 1159 Annandale, 1270 Woodbridge, 7 Arlington, 1116 Vienna, 1665 Metro Northern Virginia.

Notice that most of the Chapters who met the 40% mark for Retention Ratios did not meet the 40% mark for Prospect Conversion Ratios — and vice versa.  CONCLUSION: For some Chapters, more work is needed on how to contact renewing members — both before and after the renewal date has passed.

BJ Thomas McMillan
VFC Membership Chair

Membership Stats for July and Aug 2016







Please contact me if you have questions about how to read or interpret any of these statistics.  Several Chapters are actually experiencing a net increase in members – so keep up the good work.

BJ Thomas McMillan
VFC Membership Chair