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Membership Stats for July and Aug 2016







Please contact me if you have questions about how to read or interpret any of these statistics.  Several Chapters are actually experiencing a net increase in members – so keep up the good work.

BJ Thomas McMillan
VFC Membership Chair

Collecting ideas for programs

I’ve been emphasizing having interesting programs in order to attract prospective new members AND to retain current members.  Several of you have suggested that I compile a list of program topics that have worked for other chapters.  SO – start submitting topics of programs that have worked for your Chapter – and any new ideas you might have. Please do this by Replying to this Post.


BJ Thomas McMillan
VFC Membership Chair

Categories of NARFE Membership

Wilhelmina Santiful asked me for information about the 4 categories of membership in NARFE.  Here are the categories I know of:

— Regular Chapter Membership  (You can sign up for automatic renewal, or for 2 or 3 yr renewals) ( for printable membership application)

— Dues Withholding ( – Dues Withholding brochure)
( – Dues Withholding application for Retired persons just now joining NARFE)
( – Dues Withholding application for Retired persons who are already NARFE members)
NOTE: Active Federal Employees can NOT sign up for Dues Withholding.

— National Life Membership ( for a brochure on this)

— eChapter Membership (same application form as for regular Chapter Membership)

And of course, there is always a Gift Membership (

I will be creating a new Page with the info on each of these.

Please let me know – via a Reply to this Post – if there are other types of membership that I’m not aware of.  Also let me know if you would like me to order any of these brochures or forms for you; please include your mailing address.  (Or you can order them directly by going to


Uses for Skype

I’m recommending that you install Skype – so that I can call you for free.  If you have fast enough Internet, I can also video call you for free.  In addition, I can show you my screen if we want to talk about a document I’ve sent you.  I can also put you on a conference call – either audio or video. I will try to post instructions here for installing Skype.

SKYPE on Computer Handout