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Donna Shackelford, Alzheimer's Research Chair
Donna Shackelford, Alzheimer’s Research Chair

I grew up in central Idaho where the primary industry is trees. You plant them, manage them, harvest them, process them and then it all starts over again. My first job therefore was with the US Forest Service, and that launched a 37-year career with our federal government. Subsequently my specific employer departments were Defense (US Air Force, civilian), Treasury (IRS), and finally Justice (FBI). It was the final department that brought me to Washington, D. C.

My in-laws were federally employed, and through my mother-in-law I became aware of NARFE. She needed transportation to attend the meetings, and I realized I should join the organization also because it was fighting for my causes. With that conclusion, I joined Chapter 737 in Fairfax, Virginia.

It was just a few months after I joined that I was tapped to become the Chapter Treasurer, completing the term of the previous officer. Eventually, I also became involved in officer training for the Federation. Training was provided additionally to members in connection with recruitment and retention; and I sat in on those sessions. It was apparent to me that I could offer some talent to my Chapter in these areas, and I volunteered to become the Membership Chair for Chapter 737.

I have been very interested in learning about Alzheimer’s disease and the efforts being done in research for a cure. When the Federation Chairmanship became vacant due to some very unfortunate circumstances, I discussed with my husband how I might be able to assume the duties. I love working with people, and being available to facilitate awareness and supplies to chapters throughout the VFC. We have a tough standard to follow after being #1 in the nation for ten of 11 past years in donations collected for Alzheimer’s Research. Let’s do all we can to work together and be creative in ways to raise money for the cause and continue our reputation of being the Best of the Best.

Mrs. Shackelford will be available to be of help to you and your Chapter in any way that he can regarding Alzheimer’s. If you need help in putting on an Alzheimer Program or need alzheimer supplies, please feel free to call her at 703-830-6590 (H), 703-402-0326 (C) or email her at kamiahan@aol.com.

Donna Shackelfort, 14429 Round Lick Ln, Centerville, VA 20120-1680
Make check payable to NARFE/ALZHEIMER’s RESEARCH.
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