Exec Bd 20162016-2017 VFC Executive Committee

LtoR: Richard Giangerelli, Past President; Kathy Arpa, President; Leslie Ravenell, 1st Vice President; Pat Taylor, Second Vice President; Betty Warren, Secretary; Raphael Wong, Treasurer

Area VPs 2016-20172016-2017 Area Vice-Presidents

L to R: Jeanne Garrison, Area I; Alex Adkins, Area II; Jack McMurchy, Area III; Ray Orland, Area IV; Debra Laughton, Area V; Mark Fisher, Area VI; Paula Dansker, Area VII; Maureen “Moe” Nolet, Area VIII; James Little, Area IX; Wilma Grant, Area X.

2016-2017 Program Chairs
2016-2017 Program Chairs

L to R: Maggie Keator, State Legislation; Gaston Gianni, Public Relations; Donna Shackelford, Alzheimers; Stephen Ledford, National Legislation; BJ McMillan, Membership; Constance and John Bails, Service Officers

2016-2017 Appointees (Non-Voting)
2016-2017 Appointees (Non-Voting)

L to R: Stan Palen, Webmaster; Mary Swain, Parliamentarian

Other Appointees

Co-Chaplains:  Connie and John Bails
Constitution and ByLaws: Helen Willis
Sgt at Arms: Steve Dansker
Newsletter Editor: June Stanton
Nominating Committee: Bill Martin
Co-Webmaster: Sidney Sachs